Coburg Community Visioning 2016

Coburg Community Visioning 2016

The community of Coburg and RDI are working on a collaborative process to create a 20-year Community Vision for the City.
Through this visioning process, residents of the City will reflect on current and potential opportunities and think creatively about the future.
The key objectives are to: 
  • Produce a 20-year Vision Statement that will guide future actions and support any future Comprehensive Plan update
  • Engage a broad and inclusive representation of voices in the community to ensure that the aspirations and priorities reflected in the vision are community driven
  • Ensure community buy-in, awareness, and coordinated follow-up actions for the Coburg Community Vision

The Community Vision Statement generated by this process will help the community create tangible options for action.
Under the direct guidance of a Community Advisory Committee, and with the support of Coburg City Administrator, Petra Schuetz, the visioning process will focus heavily on community engagement and will be conducted with extensive input including surveys, work sessions, and a broad array of focus groups.
See What's New 

We want to hear from you! You're invited to complete a follow-up survey regarding what you love about your community. Your input is valuable to the process, and the survey only takes a few minutes. Click here to fill out the survey.

Mark your calendar! You're invited to the next Community Visioning Summit on March 16 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Coburg City Hall. Details and registration are to come.

A successful kick-off event was held January 9 at City Hall. All Coburg-area residents were invited to attend.

Meet Our Team 

Heidi Khokhar

Executive Director

Jess Hampton

Regional Program Coordinator: Northwest Region

Lindsay Hill

Business Development Coordination Consultant

Laura Garcia

Program Specialist

Allie Monn

Research Associate
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