Cayla Catino

I am inspired by people in small towns who are working towards a better future for themselves and the next generations and am passionate about supporting vibrant and resilient communities that foster a sense of belonging for all.  As a member of the Rural Economic Vitality Team, I design, facilitate, and deliver programs focused on community visioning, moving to action, downtown revitalization, and strengthening business and economic development ecosystems.  My background includes nonprofit management, training, farming, and music therapy, and I am involved in leadership roles in my own community.

Outside of work, I enjoy all the amazing outdoor recreation activities Oregon has to offer such as hiking, biking, snowboarding, paddle boarding, and river rafting.  Although my curiosity leads me to explore new places, you can also find me at home jamming out to bluegrass music while preserving the local abundance and making delicious seasonal meals.

ccatino (at)