Ready, Set, Grant!

Getting Your Organization Funding-Ready

RDI and Kelley NPC have partnered to provide grant-writing training with content targeted to small, rural nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest. If you are looking to improve your organization’s ability to find and sustain funding, this training will help with basic concepts and provide a roadmap to funding success. A limited number of organizations will be eligible to receive one-on-one coaching from Kristin Monahan of Kelley Nonprofit Consulting.

We offer flexible program models, with virtual, in-person, Spanish-language, and hybrid programs available. If you have questions about Ready, Set, Grant, please contact Kendra Schaffer – kschaffer (at) or Bonnie Day – bday (at)

There is a $75 registration fee for the 5-week training; space is limited. Our 2024 Spring programming is in partnership with our bienniel Regards to Rural conference, taking place on April 19 – 20, 2024.  Please join an interest list below to be notified when registration opens for our Fall 2024 programming. 

Many thanks to the The Ford Family Foundation and Sherwood Trust for their generous support of this program! 

“I am sharing this with all the non-profits I know because I took the class last year and it was the best one ever. I wish I had it 20+ years ago. I attribute the Rest & Repair project’s grant success to the items learned here.”
~ Ready, Set, Grant! Program Participant

“This program was really comprehensive, and our organization and staff is basically brand new to grants, so it was great to learn about all aspects!”
~ Ready, Set, Grant! Program Participant

Virtual Program Overview – 5-Session Program Model 
Sessions are two hours long and held over Zoom

Session 1:  Building Blocks for Funding Success

This introductory session covers all your nonprofit needs to make your organization and funding requests appealing to potential funders. We’ll provide a brief overview of important building blocks, including Board Governance, Strategic Planning, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Project Planning, and Building Partnerships. Learn what funders look for in your proposals to make sure you are a thriving, healthy organization.

Session 2:  Budgeting Strategies for Organization and Project Success 

Learn how to translate your organization and project goals into financial plans that are ready for funding. We will cover preparing program budgets for funders, allocation of overhead and indirect costs, how to handle volunteers and other in-kind support, and tying your program budget to an overall organization budget. Creating realistic, actionable program budgets is an important step in preparing successful funding proposals.

Session 3:  Finding Funding and Diversifying Revenue Streams 

So you have a project plan, now what? We’ll learn the basics of funder research, including types of funders, research sources, and how grant funding fits into the different revenue streams for your nonprofit. In addition, we’ll cover maintaining relationships with your donors and funders to ensure your organization is successful in the long-term. 

Session 4:  Grant Funding Basics 

This session will be designed for nonprofit volunteers and staff who are new to grant funding. We’ll provide an overview of grant roles and responsibilities, common grant proposal elements, and types of grant opportunities. The session will include a grant planning checklist to determine whether you are ready to apply for grants for your program or initiative.

Session 5: Meet the Funders 

An opportunity to hear from funders firsthand. Panelists will share what makes a good proposal, how funding decisions are made, and will answer questions from attendees. Participants will have the opportunity to introduce their organization/project.


Bonnie Day
Fund Development and Partnerships Manager

bday (at)

Kendra Schaffer
Senior Outreach and Networks Coordinator

kschaffer (at)

Kristin Monahan
Owner, Kelley NPC

kristin (at)