It’s a critical time for rural America.

“Being from a rural place is something you can’t easily leave behind as an individual, and it’s not something we should do as a nation.” – Allen Smart

RDI holds the uncompromising belief that answers and priorities, driven by a diversity of local people and built from a community’s assets, are key to achieving rural community prosperity. Issues of equity profoundly affect many Americans living in rural communities. RDI works alongside rural communities to build networks of rural leaders, revitalize rural economies, and elevate rural voices to create community vitality. Click here to read our 2022 Impact Report.

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Rural communities are critical to the strength of the nation; we must make bold moves to shift our rural economy towards a collective, inclusive vision of the future. 

Foundation giving to rural areas in the United States is disproportionately low.

25 million people in rural communities live below the poverty level.

Many rural areas struggle with limited infrastructure.

After seven years of uneven economic recovery, 17 out of Oregon’s 23 rural counties remain below peak employment.

32% of rural counties in the U.S. do not have a local bank.