Our board and staff live and work in rural communities throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.‚Äč

rural oregon

Over the last 30 years, RDI has trained more than 8,000 leaders in hundreds of rural communities throughout rural Oregon. Our staff continues to support this network of leaders as they create community and economic vitality in Oregon’s small towns and ultra-rural regions.

rural washington

Since 2004, RDI has been partnering with the Sherwood Trust to gather and lead a diverse group of people from across the Walla Walla Valley to learn together to build individual and community leadership skills. In 2017, RDI launched our Rural Community Leadership Program in Washington state and has been working in Mason County, Pierce County, Skamania, and the Palouse region.

rural idaho

RDI partnered with the University of Idaho and Oregon State University on a three-year WealthWorks Northwest initiative in rural Idaho to introduce this innovative approach to building wealth. We continue to deliver WealthWorks and regional planning workshops and build partnerships in Idaho.