Willow Oelke

Willow Oelke is a seasoned professional in the banking and financial sector with over 25 years in her field, currently serving as the Community Engagement Director at Wauna Credit Union. Her extensive experience and lifetime of service in non-profits and community organizations have given her a unique perspective on the intersection between community interests and business objectives. Willow is passionate about helping the underserved and empowering them to achieve financial independence through financial literacy education. Her strong sense of corporate and social responsibility is reflected in her work, where she collaborates with various stakeholders to uplift communities. With her expertise in financial literacy and community engagement, Willow believes that businesses can play a critical role in improving the lives of individuals and communities.

As a native Oregonian, Willow enjoys exploring the great outdoors.  She grew up in the mythically picturesque port town of Garibaldi, Oregon, where she spent time clam digging, crabbing, agate hunting, feeding seagulls, and hiking the Big G! She is proud of her roots and has found growing up in a small town has given her a unique insight into rural development, and a deep sense of community. In her free time, you’ll find her and her husband, Sean, doting over their beloved grandchildren, enjoying quality time with their adult children, and finding ways to make a positive impact on their neck of the woods.  



Willow Oelke Headshot