Yahaira Torres

I am Oaxaqueña, a highly motivated individual, born and raised in Oregon. I have a long-standing background in strong personal and verbal skills; with over four years of experience in proactive problem solving, initiative and dependability. I have many years of experience working with various communities and advising on the many different programs and resources available. I genuinely enjoy sharing knowledge and expressing the eagerness and devotion of many topics. This is one of the reasons I enjoy being a Bilingual coordinator at Rural Development Initiatives. I am currently attending school for business administration and marketing. Much of my work ethic and background consists of helping others thrive and I desire nothing more than to help others reach their goals whether that evolves around learning finances or opening their own business. On my days off, I enjoy painting, hiking, and practicing graphic design. I love exploring new places and learning new skills.

ytorres (at) rdiinc.org