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Join Us to Be a Rural Champion

Over the past 30 years, we have been so honored to work alongside tireless volunteers and dedicated leaders living in the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest. Those of us who live in rural understand why it is special, and know why it is important to continue supporting small communities to reach their goals.

Consider the community volunteer who wears too many hats, in charge of the beach cleanup day and the local scholarship committee and the summer festival and all the other things.

Consider the local leader who has toiled for years to bring sidewalks and benches and flower baskets to their downtown core.

Consider the unseen Latino business owner who works hard to support their families and communities, but needs more help to grow.

These are people who make their town a better place; they protect their resources, are connectors, advocates for change, and create action. We are all working hard to make our communities, our sometimes little towns, better places. And we can’t do it alone. RDI has been working alongside us, is in our corner, and continues to help make our rural voices heard.

In honor of RDI’s 30th anniversary, we are asking for your support with an annual contribution of $30, starting today. Your support of rural vitality and the work of RDI will help us continue to create strong networks, lift rural voices, and build rural economies. Please join us!

Join us to be a Rural Champion.